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As musicians, we’re given the unique opportunity of sharing who we are through a medium which has been coined “The Universal Language.” As editor of Bass Musician Magazine, I have the rare privilege of interviewing some of the most prestigious bassists on the planet concerning the elements of that language. “Finding one’s voice” has been the focus of discussion on many of these interviews, and has shown to be a topic of great diversity in the eyes of these exceptional players. But one of the common threads within those discussions is the importance of the vehicle to ones expression, your personal instrument.

Based out of Portland Oregon, Kot Basses strives to create custom basses that will compliment each individual’s vision of what that “vehicle” should be about. We’ve worked hard to perfect what we feel are the essential aspects of a great instrument, the elements of sound, response, feel, and playability. The importance of addressing those components in great depth gives us the opportunity, or better said the tools to more closely meet the needs of each individual, as their “vision”, if you will, of their personal instrument will most certainly vary. This is the heart of what a “custom bass guitar” is all about. The most important element of our construction methods, beyond a great sound, centers on creating an instrument that literally takes the focus off of the physicality of playing, and keeps it where it should be; on the communication itself...THIS is where your voice begins to unfold.

Thank you for your interest, and we welcome your thoughts on our efforts.

-Jake Kot

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